Why Love Cats

There are many cats owners around the world that their numbers may be in millions already more than the dogs. You include the number of ferals cats that are everywhere. Many people love dogs but more also prefer to have cats rather than dogs. Then why do so many people love cats even if there are also many who hates them? Let us try to understand by seeing the actual answers that are given as the reasons by people on why do they love cats.

One is that they enjoy the feeling of the company the cats can give. As they love to sleep on humans lap, it is also one of the most loved by people where they can feel contentment. Just by seeing and feeling that their cat is sleeping in their lap is enough for them to relax and be comforted. That is why many cat owners can take time to have a talk with their cat. That is also the second reason why many people love cats.

Another reason is that people like when cats purr. It is already natural for them to do and people find happiness when their cats do that and they appreciate it very much. They are also usually smaller than dogs so they are great for saving some space as they are just contented in a place that they can feel warm. Just feed them also the right food and play with them as most cats want to play.