Norwegian Cats

One of the most common description that the Norwegian cats have is that they are beautiful. They have many characteristics that make them loved by many people. So let us see some of the features they have and know the reason why you will also come to love these kinds of cats.

Their origin is mysterious and a myth is surrounding their breed. The breed they have come from is not yet established. They have their own legend that is already known and was written.

They are larger than most cats and even other dogs. They can weigh from 13-22 pounds. They are more loved in the European continent and this breed is the national cat as declared in the country of Norway. They can survive winters. Because of their natural provided coats that have the power to repel water so they can stand the winter. Their coat is even double in a layer for a great protection. They are great tree climbers who can run in the tree going down fast.

With these great facts about them, you may also want to have this kind of cats. They are easy to love and good to be a pet in your house. But even if they have those great characteristics they also have some weakness. They can easily have health problems like heart problem that is hereditary in nature and also hip dysplasia. One fact also is that they nearly were to be an extinct breed of cats but they have made efforts and it was reversed.